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Dennis Neal is a professional actor with over 25 years of coast to coast experience. For the past 15 years Dennis has been conducting classes and doing private coaching. Click here to read the testimonials of former students . and clicking here you can contact Mr. Neal for private classes.

When Dennis is teaching, his philosophy is straightforward -- less is more. Rather than teach “ACTING”, Dennis believes in an intrinsic, natural approach. Toward that end, he encourages and facilitates the development of each person's own unique process, bringing forth the true craft from within. Within this framework, there is an emphasis on instrument work, character development and script analysis.

Dennis Neal's film and television credits include roles in John Sayles' Sunshine State, Wild Things with Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell and Bill Murray, First Time Felon with Omar Epps and Delroy Lindo, ABC's The Practice, and NBC's The West Wing. Dennis is an active member of both SAG and AFTRA.

My Bio

It's a beautiful thing when you can earn your livelihood from your passion, and that is exactly what I have been doing for the past 25 years. I consider myself very fortunate to have booked my first audition and get my SAG membership. It has been quite a ride since "The New Leave It To Beaver", but an enjoyable and fulfilling ride nonetheless.